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  • Favorite Images of 2017

  •     2017… What a year! So busy that I’m finally finishing up this post in 2018. :) The year was a whirlwind for sure. Shoots in Greenland, Iceland, Montana, Washington, Illinois, Michigan, Tennessee, and of course, North Carolina and Virginia. I moved out of the camper into a beautiful little con [...]
  • Casita Living | How We Minimized our Stuff

  •   So often when talking about our tiny home, people want to know “What did you do with all your stuff?”. We live in a 60 square foot camper, so the space is very limited. We probably only kept about 5% of what we originally owned. People say “I could never do that!” or “I have too many clothes” , “ I could [...]
  • Some Tips Regarding Wedding Day Weather

  • 1.  Forecasts aren’t accurate until the day before. Sometimes not until the day of. We all know that the forecasts change as the week goes on. When you look at your wedding forecast a week or two out, it will probably say its going to rain (seriously, the extended forecasts always seem to call for rain on weeke [...]