• Timeline + Important Wedding Day Tips

  •   Here are some wedding day tips to help your day go smoothly and to make the most of your cherished photographs. Since Hartman Outdoor Photography began in 2010, we have photographed over 200 weddings, so I figured sharing this information might make your life a little bit easier. Whether your wedding is be [...]
  • Year End Wrap Up

  •   The year was a whirlwind for sure. Shoots in Greenland, Iceland, Montana, Washington, Illinois, Michigan, Tennessee, and of course, North Carolina and Virginia. I moved out of the camper into a beautiful little condo with my baby, The Migster. And now that all the craziness is over, it’s so nice to look b [...]
  • My Visit to Ilulissat Greenland

  •   This November, I had the opportunity to travel to Greenland to photograph a couple’s portrait session. I had actually been wanting to get to Greenland for a while for a few different reasons: Secret Life of Walter Mitty is one of my very favorite movies and I love the footage it captures of Greenland’ [...]
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