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  • Yoga in Sequoia Park | California

  •   Our time in the Redwoods felt something like a wellness retreat. We were hiking around and breathing in the fresh air, eating clean meals chock full of superfoods, and enjoying the beautiful tall trees that surrounded us. While we camped in the redwoods, we also found the most amazing yoga studio in Eurek [...]
  • Rainy Day at Lake Crescent | Washington

  •       The first day back from Seattle after our engagement session, we decided to have a little look at Lake Crescent. We had heard a few people say really good things, and the photos online looked really pretty, so we figured why not check it out? We started our hike from the Lake Crescent [...]
  • The Big Reveal

  • We're moving... ...into this fiberglass egg camper! Yep you saw that right. Josh, Migo, and I are moving out of our condo and into a tiny little Casita Travel Trailer. One hundred square feet of tiny home goodness. We're getting pretty pumped about all the new places we will be exploring. We got our camper i [...]
  • Wandering the Village of Viscri

  • If I had to pick a favorite day in Romania, which would be a really hard thing to do, it would probably be our day in Viscri. Viscri was everything that I had hoped for in Romania. Although its a somewhat well-known tourist destination, Viscri is just a tiny farming village in the middle of nowhere with a fortified chu [...]