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The Little Black Church located next to the Hotel Budir in Iceland. All images in this post are by Hartman Outdoor Photography.

Hotel Budir Wedding Guide

Hotel Budir in Iceland is an absolutely incredible wedding venue. It’s located in Eastern Iceland on Snaefellsness peninsula among the jaw-dropping scenery of Iceland. There are cliffs, waterfalls, moss covered lava rocks, and ocean inlet – all of which can be seen from this beautiful hotel. The Hotel Budir also happens to be right next to the famous little Black Church so many are familiar with in Iceland.

Hotel Budir Wedding xy
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The Hotel Budir and Little Black Church sitting right next to each other on Sneafellsnes Peninsula.

The Location

The Hotel Budir is – in my experience so far- the best place to stay in Iceland. I have traveled quite extensively in Iceland and photographed many weddings in this country. And so far, I have not come across another hotel and wedding venue so thoughtfully designed as Hotel Budir. When you drive out of Reykjavik to hotel budir, you will drive through some stunning sections of Iceland’s incredible scenery. Hotel Budir is located a couple hours outside Reykjavic, but every time I come upon this hotel, I feel a sense of awe. It truly is a work of art in the most pristine landscape of Iceland. 

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The hotel lounge. A perfect spot to sip something warm and look out at the scenery.

Design and Ambiance

Hotel Budir has a modern design, and is full of windows. This not only allows guests to enjoy the incredible scenery, but also to complement the rugged landscape from the outside. The hotel is full of luxurious details and a fantastic restaurant- things that make you feel extra cozy as you look out the window to the notoriously unpredictable icelandic weather. There’s nothing like sipping a hot tea, sitting on a plush cushion as you gaze out the window to watch the snow fall. Or looking out the window to see the northern lights in the winter.

Hotel Budir Wedding xy
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Hotel Budir wedding couple enjoying the surrounding mountains and moss covered lava fields.

The Landscape

As a wedding photographer, the scenery surrounding Hotel Budir is something that I really appreciate. Capturing the golden sunsets over the moss and mountains is something really special. And wandering over to the water to capture the ocean among the landscape is just a feeling so serene I can hardly describe it. You really have to go to know just how incredible Iceland really is.

Hotel Budir Wedding xy
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Hey it's me! Photographing weddings in Iceland and loving it!

Contact Me – Experienced Iceland Destination Wedding Photographer

If you are planning your wedding in Iceland, and need any information about Hotel Budir, what to expect, vendors, etc, please don’t hesitate to ask. And if you are interested in the possibility of having me photograph your epic Icelandic wedding memories, please contact me asap to ensure I have your date available. It is always a joy to photograph a wedding in Iceland and its surrounding nordic countries. If you’d like to see more of my work, please check out my blog, portfolio, and reviews.

Shelley Hartman

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Fine dining and artistic platters at the Hotel Budir restaurant.

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The Little Black Church as seen through the window of one of the Hotel Budir Suites.

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