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  • Asheville-Seattle Cross Country Road Trip

  •   Here it is: the grand voyage. The big trip that I had been looking forward to since this summer. Making a cross country road trip in the middle of the winter may not be everyone’s first choice, but as wedding photographers- its the time we have off. Though we had an engagement session in the Cascade mountains [...]
  • Birthday Camping in Brevard

  •   I have had a really busy year. But it was nothing like 2014. The past couple of years, we’ve seen fall pass by all too quickly as we sit down at the computer and edit all season. I try to experience fall through pumpkin beers, ciders, and soups, but nothing can replace actually being outside. Getting ou [...]
  • Camping in Joshua Tree, California

  • "What a place to see the sunset...."   When I started the travel section of my blog, I started it a bit backwards. I posted my Mojave Desert experience on here first because it seemed most relevant to my site. After all, that’s where we came up with this whole great idea of living tiny. But the time we spent [...]
  • Granada, Spain Honeymoon & Wedding Guide

  • Its fun looking back on old photos. I went to Spain in 2013 and we blogged it as soon as we got back. But over the years, certain photos from that trip have grown on me and I feel the need to share a few more. I also feel that it just isnt fair to either of the cities we went to to jumblie it up into one big blog post, [...]