Katarina + Yoshi | Anniversary Session in Shenandoah

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Looking through these photos, I can hardly believe my eyes. This is most certainly one of the most magical sessions we have ever photographed. Katarina and Yoshi contacted us to photograph their anniversary session this fall in Shenandoah. Shenandoah National Park is absolutely breathtaking and we were so excited to be able to make another trip that way. Katarina and Yoshi love to come here and hike, and the Big Meadows area is near and dear to their hearts. These two were married in DC almost one year ago, but they did not have a photographer. They wanted to commemorate their one year anniversary with a beautiful session in the mountains. Excellent idea guys!

Katarina and Yoshi are so sweet and genuine. They met at a Japanese language meetup a while back and just really hit it off. Katarina gushed about the awesome japanese dishes Yoshi cooks up and it got me really hungry for some hibachi. They showed us a new trail near Big Meadows that leads to a cliff and wide open views. Katarina and Yoshi recited their vows to one another on this cliff overlooking the valley. We let them share some beautiful quiet moments, then we all watched the sunset over the mountains and valley. What a way to spend the day! Thank you so much for asking us to photograph your anniversary session guys. To say it was a pleasure is an understatement. ~Josh and Shelley Hartman, Shenandoah Valley Wedding Photographers