Iceland | Morning at Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon

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I went a little crazy on this post. Quite honestly, there were too many favorites. After arriving at Jökulsárlón late the day before and staying up past midnight to watch the sunset, we set our alarms for 3:30am to catch the best of the morning light. Usually I think that sunsets are much more vibrant than sunrises, and I didn’t expect to get anything better than the night before. How Jökulsárlón proved me wrong…

The sun rose quickly over the glacier lagoon, but when it started shining through the iceburgs, they lit up beautifully. The sun brought out the blues and made the ice sparkle. Seals swam around in the lagoon and the birds woke up. It was a really magical and peaceful experience. Despite getting only three hours of sleep, the epic scenery and light gave us energy, and we photographed for a good while. We walked to a different section of the lagoon to get closer to the Vatnajökull glacier. The ice in this section was swirly and textured. So much amazing stuff to be seen here. And it would make the most amazing backdrop for a small wedding or elopement.

Thankfully, Josh’s eye seemed to be doing ok after being pooped in the night before by an aggressive Arctic Tern. Good thing because he was the only one out of us two who could drive our stick shift car. Though I have every intention of trying to learn it (again). We headed back west towards Skogafoss and Reykjavik to get ready for our vow renewal with Nordica Photography the next day. Can’t wait to share those pics!

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Shelley + Josh Hartman, Iceland + Destination Wedding Photographers

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Photographing the glacial ice at Jokulsarlon was definitely the highlight of our trip.

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