Grayson and Kristen | Grandfather Mountain Backpacking Engagement

I had an awesome time backpacking Grandfather Mountain with Grayson, Kristen, and their dog Lucy Goosey. Even with a 20 degree low, relentless wind, and climbing on all fours over icy rock with a 40 lb pack, Grayson and Kristen were in high spirits. It was a truly rugged experience and definitely the most challenging backpacking trip I’ve ever been on. We scheduled our trip right in the heart of winter hoping to catch some snow at the peak. We took the Grandfather Mountain Profile Trail up to the top where we unfortunately did not see snow, but were rewarded with an absolutely gorgeous sunset. How about those wispy clouds?! My favorite photos of Kristen and Grayson where when they were standing at the highest point on MacRaes peak, at an elevation of  5,845 ft . I actually hiked a mile away to a steep section called Calloway Gap on the Grandfather Trail to get the whole grand landscape. Afterward, Kristen and Grayson caught up with me to go back to the tent and warm up. We all enjoyed my favorite box wine with our backpacking dinners before snuggling up in our tents. The extra six pounds was well worth it. The next morning, we hiked out and back down the mountain. I photographed Kristen and Grayson under an icicle covered rock on the Profile Trail. Overall though, I think we were ready to get warm and eat a giant delicious meal. Its amazing how hungry backpacking can make you. Thank you so much Kristen and Grayson for coming along on this Adventure Engagement Session. I had such a wonderful time getting to know you guys and capturing these epic photographs. Can’t wait for your wedding next year! ~ Josh Hartman, Asheville Wedding and Engagement Photographer

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