Death Valley Wedding Photographer

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Death Valley Epic Couples Photos

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Death Valley National Park

Death Valley Wedding Photographer

I am a wedding photographer who specializes in photographing couples among epic landscapes.

Death Valley has a jaw dropping landscape. And I am just so mesmerized by this gorgeous place every time we go. The salt flats, badlands, and colorful pastel mountains make for incredible photo locations. The scenery here is just so inspiring!

The Oasis at Death Valley

I also absolutely ADORE the Oasis at Death Valley. This luxurious resort is located just across from one of our very favorite photo spots named Zabriskie Point. If you hire me as your Death Valley wedding photographer, you can count on me to capture the most epic shots of you in this amazing national park.

A Wedding Photographer who Helps you Plan for the Best Photos

Epic photos require some planning. And so, I am always happy to help you plan for the best lighting and locations. No matter what, I always location scout before every wedding or elopement, as your wedding photographer. Upon booking, I will also send a sample timeline based on the best lighting for your day. I want to maximize that gorgeous sunset light in order to give you the most stunning photos possible!

It is my goal not only to capture you amongst this gorgeous scenery, but to capture you looking natural, and enjoying authentic moments. I will gently guide you in what to do as we photograph you so that you can feel confident and look your best. Having photographed weddings for over a decade, I know what to do. And I am so grateful to have nearly a hundred five star reviews.


If you are interested in hiring me as your Death Valley Wedding Photographer, I would absolutely LOVE to hear from you! Please message me here to make sure I am available for your date. You can also view one of my full Death Valley couple’s sessions here.

Thanks so much and I can’t wait to hear from you!!!

Shelley Hartman

Hartman Outdoor Photography

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Wedding and elopement photographer at Death Valley

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Stunning mountains at sunset within the national park

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