Camie + Tony | Fearrington Village Wedding Portraits

How cute are Camie and Tony? These two are getting married in Taiwan this December, but wanted some portraits done prior to the wedding. In choosing their location, Camie and Tony wanted something with an americana vibe and rustic beauty. Knowing this, I think Fearrington Village in Pittsboro, NC was the perfect choice. Fearrington Village is a wonderful establishment featuring the Fearrington Inn, gardens, shops, restaurants, and of course, the beautiful Fearrington Barn. While we weren’t able to access the interior of the Barn at Fearrington, we were able to enjoy the twinkling lights and rustic barn backdrop. After photographing our hearts content at the barn, we headed over to the gardens at the Fearrington House terrace where we discovered the Camellias were in full bloom. Camellias are such a wonderful flower- blooming in the fall and winter when the rest of the garden has gone to sleep. Camie and Tony looked so lovely sitting among these beautiful blooms.

Next we decided to head over to the park to enjoy the beautiful fall color. The park at Fearrington has its own little pond and beautiful foliage. We lucked out with peak fall colors the day we went. Camie had no problem getting right into the leaves, and even sat down on the ground for a few shots. I love it when my brides bring their sense of adventure to the session! I continued photographing Camie and Tony into the sunset and the light just kept getting better and better. Camie and Tony, I had a wonderful afternoon with you at Fearrington Village. Thank you so much for asking me to photograph your portraits. Wishing you safe travels as you head back to Taiwan. ~ Shelley Hartman, Fearrington Village Pittsboro Wedding Photographer
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