Snowy Boone North Carolina Cabin Weekend

This year has been a big one for us- I quit my job to join Josh as a full time photographer, we photographed a record number of weddings and engagements, and Josh turned the big 3-0. So when things finally started to wind down, we figured we owed it to ourselves to have a blowout celebration. Christy, the owner of Trinity Cabin, was kind enough to let us stay in her lovely mountain house, so we invited our friends over for a long weekend of feasting, drinking, hot tubbing, and wandering in the snow. The first day we came, we were delighted to find all of Boone covered in a soft white layer of snow. Every little tree branch was covered. It was so lovely and romantic to look out the window as we drove up Sugar Mountain to the cabin. Of course we took tons of pictures and then snuggled up in front of the fire with our bestest friends. The next day, my good friend Emily suggested we check out a spot called Mystery Hill just outside of Boone. It’s basically like a fun house, but was oh-so amusing for the group of us. I think the pictures say it all. I highly recommend stopping by if you are ever in the area. We then headed up to the Grandfather Mountain swinging bridge for some snowy views and then made our way back to the cabin to warm up. I am just so thankful for the wonderful friends we have been blessed with and I am so happy for those who were able to enjoy this weekend with us. Love you all! ~ Shelley Hartman, Raleigh – Boone Wedding Photographer

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  1. by John Tikka on December 5, 2014  6:30 pm

    You guys really know how to rock your photos!

  2. by photosbyhartman on December 8, 2014  9:30 am

    Thank you John. We should definitely plan a photography outing when I come home to Chicago this year.

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