Exploring the Island of Curacao: In the Desert

Cucacao is a caribbean island located off the coast of Venezuela. Its set in a tropical location, but instead of palm trees, its filled with cacti. Curacao is a volcanic desert. Its beautiful and different, but you have to be careful where you walk. Josh and I would be taking pictures and get carried away looking through the lens. Then, before you know it- you’ve walked right into a cactus, or an acacia, or maybe even tripped into some sharp volcanic rock. Yeah, hiking around Curacao made me want to wear a full suit of armor. And yes, in case you were wondering, cactus spikes are very hard to remove once they’re embedded under your skin (ouch!). But what it lacked in comfort and ease, it made up for in beauty. Josh and I couldn’t stop admiring the cacti of all shapes and sizes, and watching the little lizards scurrying about. Seeing the cacti growing off the coast was a real treat as well. The waves on the north side of the island came crashing in- shooting up sky high when they hit land. We loved the drama of it all.

Seeing as we could cover more ground by wheel than on foot, we decided to go on an ATV tour with the friends we were traveling with. Our guide was hilarious and he took us all over the island. We weaved between the cacti, explored some bat caves, and drove through mud pits at full speed (Caution: I went 110% when given permission to go crazy with this- you’ll see the evidence below). Curacao was such a fun and diverse island to explore. If you’d like to see our other photos, you can check out our underwater adventures and trips around town.Thanks so much for reading! ~ Shelley and Josh Hartman, Raleigh and Curacao Destination Wedding Photographers

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