Our Day Trip to Carolina Beach

Josh and I have booked nearly 40 weddings for 2014. That amounts to a wedding nearly every weekend of this year. While we are super excited about that and love our jobs more than anything, we are trying to find balance with our free time by creating a mid-week “weekend” when we get the chance. This past week, Josh and I made the spontaneous decision to take a trip to Carolina Beach with our little doggy Migo. We had no idea when we went to bed the night before that we would be doing this, but we woke up to a beautiful day and decided to take a day off. Carolina Beach is just over a couple hours away from Raleigh, so its an easy day trip. We started out hiking along the trails of Carolina Beach State Park, taking LOTS of pictures along the way. Then we headed over to the ocean front for sunset. Migo LOVES going to the beach because he gets to run around and play his favorite game, fetch! If you have met Migo, you know that he is a fetch-aholic. I started taking pictures of Josh playing fetch with Migo when a whole flock of seagulls came flying. They were trying to eat Migo’s treats. What a perfect photo op! I was so happy to have had my camera in hand. Needless to say, we had a great time. We’re looking forward to our next weekday adventure.

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