Why You Should Never Skimp on Your Wedding Photographer

I recently had the opportunity to shoot a wedding in Kawkawlin, MI. The couple had explained to me early on that they were on a tight budget and didn’t have a lot of money to pay for fancy extras at their wedding. The ceremony and reception was being held at a local recreation hall and family members were helping with the cake, invitations, and decorations. They were also thinking about having a friend (an amateur photographer) shoot their wedding photos. It took some convincing for them to see why this is not a great idea. Here are the reasons I gave them.

  1. Photographers can make an ordinary wedding into an extraordinary wedding
    If you’re on a budget and can only splurge on one thing, let it be photography. A professional wedding photographer will be able to capture everything at its best. Remember that you will have to live with these photos for the rest of your life. Don’t risk it by hiring a cheap wedding photographer! The chances that your wedding photos will turn out badly are much higher if you decide to hire an inexperienced photographer. A good professional wedding photographer knows where they need to be to get the most creative shot. A good professional also knows the settings on their camera blindfolded and how to use natural light to their advantage.
  2. Professional photographers have professional equipment
    Amateur photographers often do not have the budget to invest in the best possible camera bodies and lenses. And while it is possible to get decent images from an entry level DSLR, these cameras and lenses are not designed to focus quickly and to shoot in low-light situations. Shelley and I have invested over $25,000 in professional photography equipment. Our full-frame cameras are able to shoot in low-light situations and capture the highest quality image. We shoot with a total of four professional cameras and pro grade lenses so that we are ready for any type of shot.
  3. A professional photographer will make your photos look polished
    A wedding photographers job doesn’t end on your wedding day. As professional wedding photographers, Shelley and I will spend 2-3 hours editing for every hour we spend photographing your wedding. Your photos can be made better or worse with post-processing, so it’s important that you choose a wedding photographer that knows the ins and outs of editing. We believe that photographs should be taken in the best form possible so that minimal revision is needed. We use minor editing and airbrushing so that each photograph is perfect!
  4. Professional wedding photographers anticipate what will happen next
    Experience is one thing you can’t get for nothing. A good professional wedding photographer shoots anywhere from 20 to 50 weddings a year! Having this experience is a huge advantage over amateur photographers. Seasoned wedding photographers are able to anticipate what will happen next on your wedding day. Weddings happen fast and it’s important to be able to quickly change camera settings, find the best possible camera angle, and use natural lighting and flash to capture the best shot possible.
  5. You only get one chance
    This is your wedding day and you only have one chance to get it right. By hiring a mediocre photographer, you run the risk of being disappointed with your wedding photos. You want to make sure that you will still love to look at your wedding pictures years after. Do you really want to look back on a series of photos with friends and family lined up shoulder to shoulder? A better qualified photographer will not only capture group shots, but also the intimate moments that really matter to you. As photojournalists, we will be there to capture the special moments of your wedding day as they happen naturally. We will also arrange for more traditional portraits of the bride and groom, wedding party, and family.

So when planning a wedding, even on a tight budget, remember that a professional wedding photographer is one of the best investments that you can make!

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