Our Trip To Spain

Last November, after a VERY busy fall wedding season, Josh and I decided to catch some R & R on a nice long vacation to Spain. Josh’s sister was actually already out there studying Spanish, so we started out visiting her in Granada. Granada is a beautiful old city in the south of Spain. The city has cobblestone streets, a large bohemian community, and a beautiful castle called the Alhambra. We had a great time wandering and enjoying the sights. We even went to see a flamenco performance.

After a few days in Granada, Josh and I headed down to Tangier for our trip to Morocco. We got around entirely by public transportation and the bus schedules and routes in Spain are extensive. As we rode into town, we could see Africa across the Mediterranean. It was so exciting! We took a ferry across from Tangier to Tarifa the very next day.

We visited Morocco for almost a week, and when we returned, we were ready to finish up our vacation with some relaxation along the Mediterranean. We hopped on a bus to the beautiful city of Marbella where we stayed at the gorgeous Urban Villa. The Urban Villa is located atop a mountain overlooking the sea and the city below. We feel so blessed to have been able to stay at such a lovely inn. During our time here we visited the beach and dipped our toes in the water. Some locals were actually swimming, but it was wayyy too cold for us. As we walked along, we entered a nude beach full of naked old men sunbathing and reading the paper. We convinced ourselves that the beautiful young people must only go to nude beaches in the Summer. :)

One of our favorite things about the south of Spain was our trip to the city of Ronda. Ronda is a very old town situated atop a cliff, surrounded by the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. The winding drive to Ronda was definitely a bit of an adrenaline rush, but we were rewarded with some lovely views of the sunset over the Sierras on our return. This was just such a lovely and inspiring trip. Please let us know how you like the photos!

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