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  • Mountain Biking Devil's Bridge | Arizona

  •   As you might have noticed, I toted my Surly mountain bike all the way from North Carolina for this trip. We got to use them a handful of times and it was fun. Neither of us had ever mountain biked in the desert before though, so we were pretty excited to try that out. Sedona has TONS of trails. [...]
  • Hiking in Sedona | Arizona

  • Sedona was on my “must visit” list for some time now. We planned this trip very loosely, and honestly, I hadn’t even planned to be able to visit this town originally. But various weather events had us driving way farther south than we anticipated, and that turned out be a really awesome thin [...]
  • Driving to Sedona | Arizona

  • I had a really great time in California. But with El Nino in full force this winter, heavy rains forced us to end our visit early. The day before we left, it rained the whole day. I was working in our camper when I stepped outside to get something from the car and saw that the whole campground was floode [...]