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Shelley is a Fearless Photographer!!! Her photograph from Ram and Belinda’s colorful Hindu-Christian wedding was accepted by Fearless Photographers and given the prestigious Fearless Award. Fearless Photographers is an organization supporting wedding photographers who are bold enough to think outside the box and capture great, authentic moments. Thousands of professional photographers apply for these awards and only a small percent are selected. The contests are also curated by a panel of renowned photojournalist photographers as well to make sure that each and every photo meets the criteria to be a “fearless” moment. While I know Shelley is probably too humble to even mention this award, this is a really big deal and I am very proud of her. Way to go Shelley!!!!

In this photo, Ram and Belinda had their gorgeous outdoor wedding at Snipes Farm in Chapel Hill this spring. Their ceremony was a fusion of Hindu and Christian cultures. One of the traditions of the Hindu ceremony involves the couple throwing rice at each other. Ram and Belinda started out throwing little pinches of rice back and forth. But as it went on, things got more and more playful and these pinches soon turned into handfuls. Finally, to top it off, Ram picked up the whole rice tray and dumped it on Belinda. When things got crazy, Shelley was ready and she captured all of the fun and excitement. She anticipated something fun might happen and shot the scene from directly in front of the first aisle. I must say this is a truly fabulous photo. Great job Shelley! I am so glad to see you get recognition for being the wonderful photographer that you are! ~ Josh and Shelley Hartman, Raleigh (Fearless) Wedding Photographers ;)

Shelley Hartman Fearless Photographer

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