Fun Times in New Orleans

August was a very busy month for Josh and I at Hartman Outdoor Photography. Our weekends were packed full of weddings and we were getting ready to start our fall busy season. However, being the crazy travel gluttons that we are, we figured it was no reason not to plan a trip to New Orleans. Josh had planned to fly out for the weekend for his best friend’s bachelor party anyhow, and I didn’t want to miss out on a fun time in the city, so I met him out there on Sunday after photographing Kay and Dan’s wedding. The city of New Orleans never really stops partying. Even on a Sunday, there were bands in every restaurant and people on the streets. The French Quarter gets pretty crazy on a weekend night, but I would love to see it during Mardi Gras. I was so tempted to buy one of the many decorated masks that are sold all over town.

Another thing New Orleans has going for it is the awesome food! We stuffed ourselves on muffalatta, jumbalaya, praline pecans, and Cafe Du Monde’s beignettes. And of course we couldn’t visit this city without imbibing in some tasty alcoholic beverages! We shared a Hurricaine on the patio at the legendary Pat O’Briens before heading over to Cafe Masperos for $1 strawberry daiquiris (gotta love that price!). Josh and I were also pleasantly surprised to find out that one of our favorite beers, Abita, is made in Louisiana and we enjoyed plenty of their Purple Haze. The fact that you can drink on the streets in New Orleans is pretty awesome. We definitely took full advantage of this law while touring the beautiful Garden District of New Orleans.

The Garden District is a neighborhood of beautiful historic homes on the outskirts of the city. Many celebrities own homes here, and we walked by Sandra Bullocks’ and John Goodman’s homes. These homes were built and decorated in the elegant style you would expect from New Orleans. Many of the homes have been painted in shades of pink and green and most are adorned in ornate ironwork. Josh found a self-guided tour app of the area which we used to learn all about the different houses. Many of these homes date back to the early 1800’s. I can’t imagine how cool they must be inside!

Located in the heart of the Garden District is the Lafayette Cemetery. Because of New Orleans’ marshy ground, all graves have to be kept above ground. To save ground space, many families are buried together within a specific grave tower. Walking around, Josh and I saw graves from as early as the 1700’s. Some graves were so old that they had cracked apart and the writing was worn away from the rain. Though a bit spooky, this place was also very interesting.

Josh and I had an awesome time exploring New Orleans and experiencing all it has to offer! Please also check out our adventures outside of the city in Louisiana’s swamps and plantations. You can also view Josh’s downtown New Orleans family session and model shoot.

Thanks for reading! XO, Shelley and Josh, Raleigh + New Orleans Wedding Photographers

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