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Check out our feature on Moment Junkie – a site dedicated entirely to showcasing the best wedding moments from around the world. We are honored to have been selected to be shown among all of these great photojournalist photographers. The photo chosen was from Ram and Belinda’s outdoor wedding this Spring at Snipes Farm Retreat in Chapel Hill. Ram and Belinda had a Hindu-Christian fusion ceremony, part of which was the tradition of throwing rice. Ram and Belinda started out taking turns tossing tiny pinches of rice at each other. These pinches gradually got bigger and bigger until the groom, Ram, decided to just pick up the whole tray and dumped it on his bride. I was ready with my camera right at that moment and captured all the action and excitement. I just love this photograph because every time I see it, I’m reliving that happy memory. The smile on the grooms face, the look of surprise on the bride, and the colorful Indian saris come together in one great moment. I’m so happy to have taken this photograph so that Ram and Belinda can look back at their wedding photos and relive the joy they felt that day over and over again.  Please check out the site Moment Junkie when you get the chance to check out our photo and the work of other great photographers.  ~ Shelley, Raleigh Area Wedding Photographer

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