What Do Wedding Photographers Do in the Winter?

In North Carolina, we are blessed with a wonderfully long wedding season, which keeps us pretty busy most of the year. Last year we had 12 weddings in September and October alone and it looks like this season is going to be our busiest yet. We even have booked quite a few summer and late fall weddings this year, which is certainly less common in Raleigh. We do get a nice break for the few months of North Carolina that are actually cold enough to be called winter. But Josh and I still keep ourselves pretty busy. We started out our winter break with a trip to Spain and Morocco, visited family in Chicago, and completely revamped our website and blog.

But you’ll never guess our favorite thing we did this winter? The few trips we took to the coast definitely tops our list. Most people head to the beach in the summer, but we’ll go to the beach when it is fairly cold. There are less crowds, flocks of migrating birds, and tons of seashells to photograph. The best part is that we can take our little doggie Migo for walks on the beach. Nobody is around to mind that he is off leash. And he loves chasing the seagulls, fetching sticks along the beach, and getting into mischief with dead fish (that little stinker!). This last time we went to Wrightsville, Migo got so worn out from playing fetch that he let us make him into a sandcastle. He just laid there! I know you don’t even believe it so we have provided the evidence below. So when winter comes again, you’ll know where to find us. Maybe you can come along? Migo would definitely enjoy a game of fetch with you. ;)

Wedding Photographer Raleigh Winter Dog Beach

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