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A little while back, Heath Padgett asked us to do a little interview on his RV Entrepreneur Podcast. Health and his wife are young full-time RV’ers who also travel the country searching for great weather and scenery. We had been friends on Instagram for a while, so it was awesome to meet Health face to face- even if it was just virtually.

Josh and I spoke in for Episode 29 of the RV Entrepreneur Podcast on How to Start an Outdoor Photography business. We talk a little bit about how we ended up where we are, where our inspiration comes from, how we manage our business on the road when we are always moving, and how we find destination clients. RV Entrepreneur is one of the most popular RV Podcasts out there. Health does a weekly broadcast- each with a different subject and interviewee. Listening to this podcast has shown us the many interesting and creative ways other people make a living on the road. RVing isn’t just for retirees anymore. Its a way for young people to live life to the fullest and live sustainably. Go ahead and subscribe on iTunes to feel inspired. But just don’t forget to listen to episode 29: How to Start and Outdoor Photography business. :)



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