The Big Reveal

We’re moving…

Casita Travel Blog

…into this fiberglass egg camper!

Yep you saw that right. Josh, Migo, and I are moving out of our condo and into a tiny little Casita Travel Trailer. One hundred square feet of tiny home goodness. We’re getting pretty pumped about all the new places we will be exploring.

Casita Scamp Travel Blog

We got our camper in September but I didn’t want to make the big announcement until I had my new website up. Why did I make a website you might ask? Roam & Romance will be a journal of our travels both in the camper and abroad. We are starting right here at square one. I will be documenting the whole process- from minimizing our possessions, to actually getting our camper on the road. There will be plenty of great adventures,  plenty of new things learned, and (obviously) plenty of pictures.

RV VAN Travel Blog

Josh and I will certainly be learning many new things and we are looking forward to sharing that- not only to share ourselves, but to hopefully inspire others looking to live their dreams. You can find the posts about this new chapter in our lives under the travel section of our site. I also plan to post answers to our most frequently asked questions in my  “But What About…” series. Our non Casita travel will be journaled under the travel tab as well.

If you’d like to follow our travels please follow us on Instagram @hartmanoutdoorphotography or you can just be my friend on Facebook. We’ll be posting updates on there as we blog.

Casita Scamp Travel Blog

So, there is the big news. It was really hard to keep a secret, but it feels great to have it out there in the open. We am so looking forward to sharing this great new lifestyle with you all.


Shelley + Josh

p.s. In case you are curious about our business, we just want to let you know that Hartman Outdoor Photography is doing better than ever. We think that living in this camper is going to open the door to even more awesome destination weddings, elopements, and engagements. I am keeping an up to date travel calendar on our Instagram page to invite others to contact us. If we’ll be in your area, we’d love to photograph you! Outside of destination shoots, we still anticipate doing 80% of our business right here in North Carolina. We feel incredibly thankful to do what we love together and we would never want to change that. Cheers!